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    Mary's DIY Publishing Blog


    Progress report

    Yay, tax time is over! Today I revised some of the older stuff and wrote 1,750 words!


    The inevitable freaking out

    So, looking at what I've been doing today, I think it's safe to say that I am in the inevitable freaking-out stage that apparently must precede any return to writing after a period away. Tax year 2014 is in the bag, and despite my best efforts, I cannot convince even myself that freaking out about tax year 2015 is entirely necessary. It won't happen tomorrow, but hopefully Tuesday will mark my return to the life of a novelist.


    Cover art done!

    Here's the full cover art (minus the text, of course):


    Progress report

    Did some more work on the cover--the back is almost done, but my eyes just couldn't take any more, so I had to stop.


    Progress report

    I'm still working on the cover, but here's what the front/e-book cover will look like, minus the title and author's name (plus I need to clean up the head a bit).

    So, it's supposed to remind you of the game Snake. It's a dragon (a bad dragon), and it's either going to be eating the book title or it's going to be breathing flames and the title will appear on the flames. Actually, looking at it here, the latter idea is just too complicated to work in that space. So, the dragon will be eating the title--sounds good.