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    Progress report

    1,410 words done! The second part of the grand finale is done!

    You know, it's funny because it's been pretty easy to keep the book appropriate for a young adult audience, but right now I'm trying to establish a little romance, and it's surprisingly tricky. It's like, they can't be too into each other, you know what I mean? It's really different than writing for Philippe, who would never say "Nice rack!" but it's not like he doesn't notice....


    Progress report

    1,375 words! The first part of the grand finale is done!


    Progress report

    Just 860 words, but I am gong to stop because I have reached--dun-dun-duunnnhhh!!!--the big finale scene!


    Progress report

    So, yeah, things got busy, and then on top of everything, allergy season has kicked in with a vengeance (even the cat is sneezing), which makes it really hard to sleep. But today I edited the past several chapters, so hopefully things will flow from there.


    Progress report

    1,290 words! Whoot!