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    Some things resolve nicely, others do not

    As you can tell, writing has had to go on the back burner again--just a bunch of stuff going kaflooey all at once. The good news is that I have my car again, and it seems to be fine! The bad news is that spring is going to be really busy, so it may be a while before I can finish off the YA novel and start in again on Trials.

    Anyway, I've been watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Netflix. (I tried watching it when it was broadcast, but I just couldn't swing it--I've gotten really spoiled. And it was so much better on Netflix.) I finished the first season, and it reminded me of something that I've always really appreciated about Joss Whedon: HE ACTUALLY FINISHES HIS STORIES.

    I mean, I'm going to try to not be spoilerly here, but there's this big plot arc and a lot of character arcs and a supervillain, and by the end of the first season, it's all wrapped up. It's done. Sure, they've set up the next season, but it's pretty much just, "Now that this is over, you'll have to go do the next big thing!" not some huge mass of quasi-nonsensical cliffhangers.

    I've obviously been having a lot of frustrating story experiences lately because that struck me as damned near a miracle.

    I know Whedon's attitude has always been to wrap up each season individually, because you never know when you might get canceled (you can tell he grew up in a television-industry family). It's just so nice to see--so nice to get a proper resolution for once. And honestly, it's a major reason why I seek out his stuff--I trust him to actually end things in a satisfying way. I don't make the same effort for the gazillion writers who try to jerk me around with cliffhanger after cliffhanger after cliffhanger.


    Progress report

    Some family-related stuff has come up, and it looks like Christmas-to-spring is going to be pretty hellish for me. Hopefully it's one of these big-push type things that, once it's done, will mean less time-consuming and stressful lurching from crisis to crisis, but it's still going to be a bear.

    So, I figured I'd better get on the ball if I want to finish the first draft of the YA novel by the end of the year, and today I wrote 2,800 words!


    Progress report

    Some family stuff came up, but today I was able to finish reading over what I have so far of the YA book. I'm pretty happy with it!



    Today I was putting what will hopefully be the final touches on the paperwork to list the old house, and . . . DUN DUN DUNNNNNHHH!!! . . . I started working on the YA novel again! Yay!

    I went over the first eleven chapters before hitting the wall (there are 16)--sometimes its nice to have a break because then when you go back to the book, you don't remember what you did and are actually surprised by the things intended to surprise the reader! The early chapters are definitely more polished than the latter (nice to know that previous edits haven't been in vain), and I may start a little earlier in the book tomorrow so that my mind is fresher with the rougher chapters.

    Yay! I'm working again!


    What's been going on

    So, the evening before Halloween I went to run an errand at the grocery store, and this extremely intelligent and well-adjusted individual ran the light (or, as the police like to say, "failed to yield on a left turn"), hit another car, and then hit mine.

    That's been a lot of not-fun. Everyone walked away (except my car, which had to be towed), and the police issued the fellow responsible a citation. Of course, he had a really funny story to tell the insurance about how me and the other car plotted together to simultaneously run a red light. That we were stopped at. Because we're wacky! But a copy of the police report helped "clarify" matters. Anyway, I'm glad the dude didn't flee the scene, but I kind of suspect now that that was because I quite obviously started to memorize his license plate before I moved my car out of his way.

    The main thing is that right now my neck is still kind of wonky (yes, I feel like Stereotypical Insurance Fraudster saying that, but it's true), and it's hard to work at the computer for substantial lengths of time. That seems to be getting better, albeit slowly, and I kind of have my fingers crossed for actually writing tomorrow...? Hopefully?