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    All eaten up

    Well, the plan to turn my attention to a few other things before getting started on Trials turned into HAVING ALL MY TIME EATEN BY MONSTERS. Some of its good (the house appears to have a new buyer), some of it really needed to happen (I finally got a check-up), some of it is upsetting (another attempt to rip off an elderly relative), and all of it is time-consuming. Hopefully this squall will end soon, because I'd really rather be writing.


    Progress report

    I read over what I've already written of Trials--there's definitely rough spots (like the places where I just wrote "FILL IN BACK STORY--MAGIC MAN"), but overall, I think it's working pretty well. Again, when you take a long break, it's much more like you're reading something written by somebody else, and I was finding it pretty entertaining, so that's a good sign.


    Tandem noveling

    So, I've got the rough draft of the young adult novel finished (YAY), pllus about 34,000 words of Trials. So what I think I'm going to do is my first! ever! experiment with writing two novels at once.

    The idea (and we'll see how this works in practice) is that working on one helps clear the brain to edit the other. So I'm planning to get back in on Trials, finish that draft, then edit the YA book, then edit Trials, etc.

    Where I really see this breaking down is once things get to the production stage--I don't see myself laying out two books in a row and living to tell the tale. But that just means that, at that stage, I can choose which book goes out first--and I'm thinking that book should be Trials.

    Anyway, all this of course relies on sleeping (I woke up at 4 am today and had a bloody nose. Either I'm a cokehead, or it is allergy season) and the general cooperation of life. We'll see how it goes.



    1,215 words down, and the final two were "THE END"!

    First draft is DOOOOONE!!!! Whoo!

    42,580 words total!



    Progress report

    2,270 words done! The fourth part of the grand finale is finished, as is part of the fifth part. Which, if you're curious, is also the last part of the grand finale. (There's an epilogue to be written as well.)