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    Progress report

    OK! The holidays have been the holidays, but I am back in the saddle today, huzzah! 1,040 words!!!


    Progress report

    A little busy today, but I looked over the earlier chapters (I'm quite a bit further along than I realized!), did some tweaking, and hopefully have set myself up for some good work tomorrow.

    And then I'm going to have to get a shot, but fingers crossed that won't be such a huge deal now that it's been a month since my last one.


    Crawling back out

    All right--things have been very busy for lots of reasons, but it looks like the weather will clear after Tuesday, so hopefully I can get back in the saddle soon after that.


    Lots of allergens + lots of antihistamines =

    Yeah, the only thing brewing inside my head right now is a sinus infection. Hopefully I can nip it in the bud....


    I got my last shot/You get a free book

    Last allergy shot was yesterday! Yay! Now I'm back on the once-a-month schedule, thank the Lord.

    And my sister's book is free for the next five days! Check it out!!