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    Mary's DIY Publishing Blog


    Progress report

    Finally able to get back writing today: 2,075 words!


    Life is doing its thing

    This has been a bad week for writing, and it will continue to be for a little bit--it's definitely autumn here now, and there's some stuff that needs to be done around the house before the rains start. (I do have a painter lined up for the old house--for October. You can't beat Mother Nature.) Plus there's some other things that I have been kind of neglecting in favor of writing, and they're demanding my attention now.

    I did an overall word count of the fantasy novel, and it's 23,000 words. I'm probably two-thirds or maybe three-quarters of the way through it, so I think it will come out at a reasonable length for a YA book.


    Progress report

    The past few days have been a mix of busyness and insomnia. Today I did some editing of what I had written before, and then added 415 words.


    Progress report

    1780 words! Whoo!


    Progress report

    Yesterday was busy, and the cats have been waking me up bright and early just to prove that they can, but I managed to crank out 1,030 words today.

    More exciting for me, I think I've figured out how the third act of this sucker is going to go, so that's happy--I felt like I went into this with a good idea about the beginning and middle, as well as how it was going to end, but getting from the middle to the ending was kind of a question mark. But as so often happens in the writing process (at least for me), stuff has suggested itself, and a lot of things that started out as just kind of being in there have wounded up threading together and becoming really important to the plot. That's always a good thing, and a reminder to me to have faith in the process--I don't always know how things are going to go, but sometimes the best thing to do is to stop planning and start writing.

    And I wanted to set part of the book in a volcanic wasteland, but I've never really been to one, so I was poking around and found Dankalia/Danakil. Wow.