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    Progress report

    The holiday weekend complicated the past couple of days, but today I cranked out 2,474 words! Whoo!


    Progress report

    The girls were here bright and early yesterday, and today I'm still kind of exhausted from it, so I only wrote 825 words. Then I fell down the stairs. Yay me! (Yes, I'm OK--carpet burn on the knee is all.)


    Progress report

    I'm still a little messed up from the night before last (I didn't fall asleep until very late, so then I slept late, so last night I couldn't fall asleep until late), so I wrote only 625 words. But I'd better quit now because I am nodding off in my chair.

    I'll have the kids tomorrow or Thursday, so one of those days will not be productive, but the other should be.


    Things to think about

    I took yesterday off on purpose, but then I didn't get much sleep last night, so I'll probably be taking today off as well. Tomorrow should be good, though.

    Anyway, this is an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about entrepreneurs and the pitfalls they run into starting a new business. It's definitely applicable to new writers: Don't assume you know what your sales are going to be, don't hesitate to get outside help, learn about the industry (that's something I'll need to get back into when I get further along with this novel), etc. Good stuff.


    Progress report

    1,400 words!