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    It's still neat when this happens

    So, yeah, things got busy again--we have to get everyone's ducks in a row before April 15, which can be tricky when you take into consideration the fact that some people weren't entirely aware they had ducks....

    But I woke up this morning with a cover for the young-adult fantasy novel just completely there in my head. It's something that I think will be visually interesting, it's something I can do myself (i.e. it requires no actual drawing ability), and it would reflect certain plot points in the book. What I don't know (and I guess I won't know until I use it) is if it will trigger some sort of expectation that isn't fulfilled by the books itself. ("I was sadly disappointed by the complete absence of bananas in this book!")


    So what is it this time?

    Not another piano. Just the realization that, instead of making something a side project, it would be better to focus on it and push it through. It's almost done, so I should (FINGERS CROSSED) get back to writing in a day or two.


    Progress report

    Obviously the Universe responded to my having time to write again by dropping a piano on my head (Dear Universe: Quit reading my blog!), but I seem to have things under semi-control again, so today I edited what I'd written before.


    Progress report

    1,390 words on the fantasy novel! Whoo!


    Progress report

    Things are finally settling down to a point where the family stuff can just be a side project, so today I read over the last couple of chapters of the fantasy book and did some edits. Fingers crossed for writing tomorrow!