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    Now I remember why last fall was so unproductive

    Yeah, the shots are...difficult. Last week was busy anyway, but this week isn't, and yet I can't focus. It's basically like dealing with a serious, 2-3 day hangover--I can run errands and do piddly crap, but anything that requires brainpower is hard. And then because I've lost so much time, when I do have a thinky day, I have to spend it on the other thinky things that have piled up.

    I know I said I wasn't going to do shots twice a week, but there are only four shots left. Doing those twice a week would means just two weeks of living like major stoner, and then I should be back and able to write after that. So I think that will be the plan.


    Non-progress report

    Obviously things have gotten busier than I expected--we're actually implementing some of the stuff we've been wanting to do, so that's taken some attention (but should make life easier in the long run). That is winding down for now (although it will pop up again--all the players are on their own schedule), but I've also got my allergy shot coming up, will be a few days before I can get back on Trials.

    The shots may be more of a issue in the short term, because they got in a new batch of serum, and we're going to try getting me up to the normal maintenance dose. But I am not going back onto the twice-a-week shot schedule--that was just too hard, and because I'm already at a higher dose, there's no real benefit to doing it. So I'll try once-a-week, and maybe even drop back to once-every-two-weeks if once-a-week proves too much of a hassle.


    Progress report

    Family stuff has been requiring attention, but hopefully I can start back in again tomorrow or the day after.


    Progress report

    1,300 words! Whee!


    Progress report

    Not enough sleep last night, so I just tidied a few things and coughed up maybe 200 words. Also I realized that I've written so much (!) that I actually needed to figure out what was going to happen next, so I did that.