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    Cover art done!

    Here's the full cover art (minus the text, of course):


    Progress report

    Did some more work on the cover--the back is almost done, but my eyes just couldn't take any more, so I had to stop.


    Progress report

    I'm still working on the cover, but here's what the front/e-book cover will look like, minus the title and author's name (plus I need to clean up the head a bit).

    So, it's supposed to remind you of the game Snake. It's a dragon (a bad dragon), and it's either going to be eating the book title or it's going to be breathing flames and the title will appear on the flames. Actually, looking at it here, the latter idea is just too complicated to work in that space. So, the dragon will be eating the title--sounds good.


    *Attempts to uncross eyes, fails*

    I've been plugging away on the cover--the design is supposed to resemble an old video game, and it turns out that actually putting it together is a whole lot like playing that game, which I thought I'd kicked years ago. I may rally and rough something out to put up today, or I may not.


    Progress report

    More work on the YA cover today--there's still a lot to be done, but I'm really liking the concept....