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The Weirld

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Treenie is seven years old and loves her doll Bear. She also loves her oldest sister and her brother, Violet and Dougie, who are always sweet and kind—at least on the weekends when they are home. Treenie feels somewhat less love for Becky, her surly, makeup-wearing, bug-fearing, 14-year-old sister who—like it or not—is home all the time.

But Violet, Dougie, Becky, and even Bear have secrets—lots of secrets. An entire world of secrets, as Treenie is about to discover in this young-adult novel. A spell goes wrong, and Treenie finds herself in the magical, strange, and dangerous land her siblings have dubbed The Weirld!

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"Trang is a clever return to the social sci-fi of yesteryear."

The New Podler Review of Books

Diplomat Philippe Trang has problems—lots of problems. Haunted by a recent mission on Earth that went very wrong, Trang is the first human diplomat assigned to a mysterious alien station. He quickly realizes that not everyone on Earth would like to see his mission succeed—and the several alien species have some nefarious agendas of their own. As he tries desperately to keep everyone from killing each other (not to mention him), strange forces threaten to destroy his very mind!

"If you enjoy anthropological sf, and you aren't put off by the language, this one might be for you."

Futures Past and Present

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"This will definitely be a series to keep up with."

Futures Past and Present

"A great story."

The New Podler Review of Books

The strange and powerful Magic Man has single-handedly conquered the Cyclopes planet. Now, in the second book in award-winning writer Mary Sisson's Trang series, Philippe Trang must prevent the Magic Man from destroying the aliens who the shape-shifter dominates but cannot begin to understand. Can he save the Cyclopes from extinction—one more time?

The e-book is available at AmazonKobo, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, as well as Amazon's international sites. The physical book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other retailers. The large-print paperback is available at Amazon.