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So, who am I?

Hiya! I'm Mary Sisson, and I worked as a reporter, writer and editor for almost 20 years. I won awards and all that, but I got tired of having to always put commercial considerations first.

So I wrote a novel and put together a nonfiction book proposal, and I started shopping them around. And that's when I started getting The Letters. The Letters are rejection letters--but they are extremely conflicted rejection letters. I have rejection letters that tell me that the people who wrote them really enjoyed the book and are looking forward to reading it once it is published--by somebody else. I have rejection letters that, no kidding, I could use as promotional jacket copy, they are that flattering to my work. I finally realized that Times Had Changed and decided to go the self-publishing route.

Am I the Mary Sisson who writes for your hometown paper? No (although I might have been in the past). Mary Sisson may sound unusual, but it is actually quite common--Sisson is a French Huguenot name, and Mary is a traditional first name among Sisson women (Google the name if you don't believe me). There are at least two other Mary Sissons writing for publication that I know about, and probably more. In other words, if you absolutely hated one of my books and want to e-mail a semi-literate rant to that bitch Mary Sisson, fill out that contact form up there. The other Mary Sissons won't know what you're talking about and will think you're crazy--as will I, but at least I'll know the context!

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