Progress report

Yeah, there was a bit more to crawl out from under, but I finally got my shot (and there was much rejoicing, followed by a whole lot of sleep).

Today I started reading through Trials--I kind of haphazardly started at the most recent chapter and then worked backwards, which is maybe not what I would recommend. Anyway, at least it's getting me back up to speed--I also made some revisions to the most recent chapters that I had been thinking about before.

Crawling out....

Looks like that killer spreadsheet project is done with for now, so I'm going to get going again on Trust--but not today, because I got maybe six hours of sleep last night. (There's this whole unbelievably stupid insurance drama going on with my allergy shots right now--you know, at the height of grass season--which has gotten so fucked that I literally cannot get shots even if I pay for them out of pocket, even though everyone agrees that I should be getting them. Kaiser Permanente!)

I guess I should report on the eBookSoda and Free Kindle Books and Tips thing--the ads ran on the 12th for eBookSoda and the 13th for Free Kindle Books and Tips. Neither sold enough books to pay for itself, but the FKBT one did much better than the eBookSoda one.

Commence freaking out....

I took another look at Trials--JFC, it's 30 chapters already! Whenever I look at it after a while, I'm just like, Dear God, this is SO BIG! I'm easing into it--today I changed the formatting in hopes of making production a little easier next time around. Of course, that caused new and exciting problems with the italics, but I will sort it out tomorrow when I start re-reading the mother.

I had a bunch of ideas for it when I stopped work on it last, so I'm going to attempt to incorporate them in during this read. But not today--today is for feeling overwhelmed.

Hm, things have changed

As I've mentioned before, when I did Trang the things that really helped were 1. doing a giveaway at LibraryThing and 2. getting an ad with Bookbub.

This time around, Bookbub is WAY more expensive, and the people at LibraryThing haven't done squat. (My sister had the same complaint--I guess the culture there has changed. I have more ratings at GoodReads at this point.)

So I poked around, and thanks to the ever-reliable Lindsay Buroker I found these recommendations. I'm giving eBookSoda and Free Kindle Books & Tips a go, because both are willing to waive the review requirements for new books. (FreeBooksy also has a BargainBooksy thing--I might use one or the other some day, but both are relatively pricey, so I'm going to start with the cheaper services.)


Things are frantic (I'm not going to be doing anything else book-related until May), and then The Weirld proofs arrived today--pant-pant! They look good, I think--I approved the large-print edition. I had already approved the regular edition, because the mistake was so bad, but looking at the hard, you know, it's one of those things where it could be the print run itself--it's just a little bit off the spine--but then I felt like the title could stand to be moved too, so I changed it. I think I'll just let that go with a digital proof, though.

Progress report

Yesterday I proofed and input corrections for the large-print edition, and today I finished proofing it. (I'm tired, so I'll finish inputting the corrections tomorrow.) I also found another typo (a comma error!) that was also in the regular edition, so I'm re-submitting that interior with the new cover to CreateSpace--that one should be ready to go when I get the new proof, and hopefully the next proof of the large-print edition will be release-worthy as well.


I got hard copies of both editions of The Weirld only to realize that there's been a typo on the cover of the paper copy of The Weirld this entire time: I misspelled "journalist"! Awesome! Anyway, everyone's just been buying the e-book, so you know, thank God for that--it will be fixed soon. (So, buy it now, I guess!)

Anyway, the interior corrections on the regular edition went through fine, and I'm going over the interior of the large-print edition (the cover needed some fixing as well, predictably enough).

Taking a step back, taxes are DONE (DONE!!!!!), so now I'm kind of hmmm-ing at the calendar. I've got stuff at the end of the month, but maybe I can take another stab at Trials in the meantime--I actually had a bunch of good ideas for it before I got swallowed whole by production.


This edit of the large print edition is done, baby! The book is in with CreateSpace, along with a less-typo'd version of the original edition (nothing quite like reading over something in a different typeface to make mistakes pop). Ah, I'm happy about that--of course, it will be interesting to see how the book looks when I have an actual proof in hand.

You know what's interesting? Obviously this book is only about half the size of the large-print Trang books, which really push CreateSpace's maximum page count. And as a result, while the Trang large-print editions must be considerably more expensive than the normal paper editions, The Weirld's large-print edition can be the same price. Not bad!


I took a peek over at BookBub--wow, that's gotten way pricier. They used to be $60 for a free promo (granted, it took some effort to get picked up), and now it would cost $470 to do a 99-cent promo. OK. For that kind of money, I'd really want to make sure it works, so I'll definitely wait. 

Progress report

I did five chapters of the large-print edition of The Weirld--that went well, I'm definitely getting more efficient. Plus there were just a lot fewer of those spreads that were half-a-line off. I don't know what causes it--having an even number of paragraph breaks on one side and an odd number on the other? Having many more paragraph breaks on one side than the other? I'm sure a real book designer would know....

Anyway, just a few more days of this and I should be done! Between the three editions of The Weirld and revamping the two Trang books, I feel like I've been on quite the production treadmill!

Progress report

Today was a bit of an eye-crosser. After looking at Chapter 9, I realized I really needed to get in there and make more text boxes like a proper book designer, so I went back through the previous eight chapters and fixed anything that really wasn't satisfactory.

I believe the source of the problem is the amount of space between paragraphs--I used an odd number of points in there, and I think that's why the two sides of the spread are sometimes off by half a line. (A line off would be simple to fix, because you can usually figure out how to put in or take out a new line, but half-a-line off means it's just never right.) Live and learn--hopefully next time I'll start with a more-efficient template.

Anyway, then I went and lined up the spreads for chapters 9-11. Then I realized I hadn't actually proofed chapter 9-11, so I did that. Mostly what I'm catching there are extra spaces I put after em dashes to make a line break properly in the original edition, but I also caught a typo that had made its way into both the paper and e-book edition!

I should note that because this is the large-print edition, I'm always lining up spreads by inserting more space into the shorter spread--I think that serves the purpose of a large-print edition better than crowding up the text lines in the long spread.


I was trying to get back into doing the large-print layout, but I've hit some difficult spots and I'm just too tired. I have family stuff tomorrow, but we'll see if I can get something done....


I was out of town yesterday when my Library Thing giveaway ended, so today when I came back I immediately opened that list up and started sending copies of The Weirld to people!

Until I was about a dozen in, and realized that these were people who had asked for a copy of Trang lo those many years ago.

Ugh. Yeah, the way it's set up, the first list to pop up when you click "Winners" is...the first list of winners you've had....

So then I sent out about a dozen apologies, and then I sent out copies of The Weirld....

Progress report

I started going over the large-print edition on the computer--I think it works, because at least I can immediately hop back into the Scribus file and fix whatever looks off. I've done seven chapters so far.

I'm a little nervous because I'm making aesthetic decisions, like I changed the chapter number because I thought it wasn't dramatic enough. I think I'll print out a full-sized copy of a couple of spreads just to ensure that I'm making the right call there.

Progress report

It was kind of one of those days, with Scribus suddenly acting up with one file for no apparent reason. But everything worked out.

I received the "final" paper copies of The Weirld (in the meantime, I of course found a typo and realized I needed to tweak something on the cover), so I sent them off to the Copyright Office. I did the cover for the large-print edition of The Weirld. And after fighting with Scribus, I made all the chapters into PDFs and combined them into one big copy--I'll either read it on the desktop or on the phone. Whew!

I might as well put up the paper covers here, right? Here's the normal one:

Weirld cover.png

And here's the large print--instead of just making it large, I did the borders because I felt like the fancy colored script would be harder to read.

Weirld LP cover.png

If you're curious, those photos were taken at Yellowstone, although they're actually pastiches.


Yesterday was kind of a lost cause, but today I managed to finish laying out the large-print edition of The Weirld! Whoo! Now I need to proof it--part of me is thinking, Oh, God, just print it out, but of course I'm tired of working on the computer right now. So I think I'll wait until I'm fresh and then try proofing it as a PDF--I can always try reading it on my phone if the desktop just drives me crazy.

Progress report

These past two days have been like, Yes, It Is Allergy Season. Yesterday I was really groggy and exhausted, so I only did one chapter. And then when I went to bed, I took an antihistamine. I had also washed the sheets and blankets that day, and that night, it rained.

I woke up 13 hours later! Today was productive in the extreme, and now I am done with the large-print edition through Chapter 20! I could probably keep going, but my neck is objecting, so....

Tomorrow I won't be able to do much, but hopefully I can finish it off this weekend!

You know, one thing that I'm wondering about with this edition is if I should even bother with proofing an actual print-out. I'm sure there would be errors, but a large-print edition uses so much paper that I'm wondering if it wouldn't be more economical to just order a proof from CreateSpace (since I'm never OK with the first proof anyway) and go through it very carefully.