The hidden perils of DIY publishing

In most offices, cats are not allowed. That means that, when people are trying to print out layouts for later proofreading, they do not have to deal with a furry feline who has just decided that it is her mission in life to KILL ALL PAPER. DIE, PAPER, DIE!

Anyway, I was stupidly trying to multitask by printing laid-out chapters while at the same time laying out more chapters. This was a bad idea even after I shut the cat out, and further evidence that successful multitasking is a myth. (No, I don't care that I'm a woman--we can't do it either. And F everyone's I, I worked with teenagers a couple of years ago, and they don't multitask for shit, either--a kid staring at a small electronic device in his or her hand is not paying attention to you.) So I only got to chapter 12--I may push on and do another, or I may not.