Why do I talk myself into these things?

Wasn't I just very happy to be DONE laying Trang out? At least a large-print edition goes a lot faster--since it's not justified on both sides, you don't have to worry about loose lines, tight lines, or bad breaks. You can also bring down a line just by hitting the return button, since there's no difference between a paragraph break and a line break when the right side of the text column isn't justified.

Still, the double-spacing between paragraphs can actually make it really hard to get the bottom lines of the page to line up (and it can screw up the top lines as well, which isn't really something you have to worry about with a standard layout).

Nonetheless, I'm happy that this looks like it will work. The only thing I'm having to fudge is the amount of space between the lines of text. Per the APH, it's suppose to be 1.25 times the size of the text, so if you use 18-point text, there should be 22.5 points of space between lines. But Word won't support fractional points. If I make it 23 points, then the book gets almost too long for CreateSpace to print it--and judging from my experience with the first layout, once I finish lining up the text boxes, it will definitely be too long. If I make it 22 points, I have some breathing room. So I'm making it 22 points and hoping that that missing 0.5 points doesn't make the text illegible for anyone (I'm optimistic about that, because it looks like the APH standards are the most stringent). I should be able to price the book at around $20.