B & N, but not D or C!

This from the Wall Street Journal (and originally reported by Bleeding Cool): Barnes & Noble is pulling DC Entertainment titles (including things like Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and Y: The Last Man, so we're not talking obscure properties here) from its store shelves because DC entered into an exclusive arrangement to sell e-books through Amazon's Kindle Fire, which leaves B&N's Nook out in the cold.

So, basically DC did the math and decided that it was more important to them to be available on Kindle Fire than to be available at your local Barnes & Noble store.

That's interesting. One of Joe Konrath's predictions has been that, as more authors decide they can do fine self-publishing, the dearth of material to sell will cause problems for traditional publishing houses. This is a little different, but it's a publisher deciding that they'll do fine withholding material from the largest chain of traditional bookstores in the United States.

The old system is clearly breaking down here....