I did the Trust cover, mostly!

Yeah! I think that's going to be it, plus a little tweaking. The palm sure looks fat in a thumbnail....

I was going to do this yesterday, but then the power went out all afternoon. I had just been questioning the wisdom of having a stockpile of canned food for winter, and the outage made me realize that I am no longer in NYC and at the first hint of inclement weather (if that--the weather yesterday was fine), all services come to a screeching halt here. So I did yard work and ran errands instead.

Anyway, back to the cover--the title font is one that I had been leaning toward with Trang, because it is so very 1960s, and this series is '60s-style social sci-fi. (Note the portal! A visual motif for the series!) I had thought that creating the Trust cover would help me decide on a font, and I think it does. It's evocative of (that's the phrase my sister says I'm looking for--not "ripped off from") Star Trek, which I think is about right.