Progress report

Today I read through a little over half the revised manuscript. The idea was to just find new mistakes--ones I put in there laying it out again. But of course I found a few others: One of the downsides to cleaning up a manuscript is that it makes it easier to spot the really minor errors.

I did input them into my e-book file and will do one last round of uploads. At some point I am also going to update the large-print edition, but that is a very low priority.

It seems really funny to still be working on Trang at this point, but I think it's gotten cleaner and better-looking. Certainly you can argue that this focus on detail is counter-productive, but I think that you do need a professional-looking product, and this is what it takes.

The nice bit is that I don't mind reading through it--I figured I'd be bored to tears at this point, but it still entertains me.