All righty!

Since I've got the large-print interior done, and it's a pretty simple business to modify the cover to fit the large-print edition, I uploaded all of that to CreateSpace. I also coughed up the magical $39 that makes everything cheaper--since I liked the quality of their work and intend to use them, it made sense to do that before I had to buy another proof.

Oh, and do you know what a marketing dummy I am? Back when I asked 11th Hour to do the cover, she said, You know, you should really post about this on the Firefly board. And I was like, Really? I haven't posted there in years, it seems kinda low to show back up the minute I need something. And she was like, Don't be a dummy, they'll enjoy hearing about it!

And whaddya know, they are buying it, and to all appearances anyway, enjoying it. Which makes perfect sense from a marketing perspective: I really liked Firefly, they really like Firefly, we probably have some tastes in common, duh.... I always hate the idea of networking and am reluctant to do it because it seems like using, but the reality of it is that often you do have something to offer people.