Some interesting blogs

So, I still don't love Twitter, and yet I am finding it extremely useful. I'm following the Twitter feeds of some people who are interested in self-publishing. Not shockingly, it turns out that most people who are interested in self-publishing are interested in making money from it, and not necessarily by writing self-published works--they want to sell services to writers who want to self-publish, which obviously doesn't automatically make them dodgy, but it pays not to be too trusting.

Nonetheless, they are, indeed, following trends and stories and offering advice and whatnot, and through them I have found this really interesting blog by Joe Konrath, who is a traditionally-published-turned-self-published writer. He's also an evangelist for self-publishing (especially e-publishing), but what's nice about him is that he's willing to talk numbers and even conduct experiments in pricing with his own books to see what happens. His openness has allowed another blogger interested in e-books named Dave Slusher to write this analysis of how Konrath's can optimally price his books to maximize revenues. So that's all pretty cool, and very informative and useful to authors considering self-publishing in this day and age.