The hard copies are up!

Whoo-hoo! Trang is up on Amazon, as is the large-print edition! Whoo! Look at that page with all of them on it!

Yay!!! Boy, I'm glad that's all taken care of!

I don't know why when you look up one edition, it doesn't automatically link you to the others, though. I'll see if that fixes itself, or if I need to e-mail somebody over there about it.

I was going to experiment with sponsored results, but it seems that Amazon doesn't run that program any more (that article is actually quite old). I have signed on as an author on Amazon, though, and I'm going to enable their "Search Inside the Book" feature as soon as everything goes through.

I'm still sick. I didn't even get any reading done. (ETA: After posting this, I did get some reading done. I am ever unpredictable.) Today my big accomplishment was that I got groceries, and frankly, even that was a bit much. But I'm happy the books are up!