Getting over myself

I was going to title this entry "Nibbled to death by ducks," because I redid the description for Trang (it's funnier, more detailed, explicitly compares the book to similar books, includes an author bio, and for the e-books, includes a word count), and I uploaded it hither, thither, and yon, and that was kind of a pain. I also realized that the hard copy has been distributed and is available all kinds of places (Barnes & Noble has it on a really good sale right now), which involved me having to add a bunch of links to my Web site, which was also kind of a pain.

So I was going to whine about all that, but then I got something to eat, and I realized that Joe Konrath would be like, "Cry me a river, bitch."

So I will simply make an observation: Time spent marketing is time not spent writing. And frankly, since Trang is the first book of a series, if I want it to be a success, I'd better get off my ass and tend to the rest of that series, no?

But having to noodle around with uploads and links for a couple of hours is nothing compared to having to visit 500 bookstores, so I shouldn't complain.