Or, maybe it belonged to chaos

Insomnia, rain gutters, and a power outage that lasted most of the afternoon (!) flat out derailed Trust. Better luck next time, I guess.

Oh, I found some more good Web sites for...this is the hip term...indie authors. Yes, that is what we are calling ourselves nowadays--look at me all down with the lingo. Now get off my lawn, you damned kids! (No, seriously--get off it. I only got a lawn a few years ago, and you would be amazed at the crap (sometimes literal) people leave there--one guy used to park his truck on it until I left him a note, and then he parked it on the neighbors' lawns instead.)

Anyway--I mentioned I didn't get much sleep last night?--back on topic! The Web sites are this guide to e-book review blogs and this blog that alerts subscribers to e-book sales. I'm going to contact them about the Norwescon sale.