Nothing like 14 hours of sleep to improve productivity

Yesterday was a family day, and since my particular family includes young children, I didn't really catch up on sleep. But today with the ringer off things were greatly improved. I tend to need more sleep than the average person, but even for me, when I'm topping 12 hours in stretch, it means I haven't been getting enough.

Not shockingly, I got quite a bit done. I edited the first chapter, although I'm going to go back and take another crack at the very first few paragraphs--I want to up the tension there. I also turned the first chapter into the first two chapters--the problem with writing Book 2 is that you want to include enough background that people who haven't read Book 1 aren't completely lost, but you don't want to bore the crap out of those who have read Book 1. Initially I just crammed a hell of a lot of exposition into Chapter 1 (especially into that first scene that I axed), but now I'm dividing and conquering--Philippe and Shanti are Chapter 1, the general situation among the aliens is Chapter 2.