Hiatus is over, baby! (At least for a little while)

Yeah, I edited the beejebus out of Chapter 1 today! Whoo-hoo! It's honestly a big help just to know that I'll be giving it to a writers' group, because it makes The Reader (specifically The Reader Who Hasn't Read Trang) more concrete.

I'm going to have to take another break in a couple of days because of some family obligations, but I'm happy just to be, you know, refreshed and recharged and ready to write. There's a scene in Mad Men where Don Draper says that, when you do creative work, the times of no productivity have to happen, otherwise the times of productivity don't. Since I've generally made a living as a writer and not as a bohemian or fashionably tortured artiste, I tend to look askance at that kind of thing, since it can be used to rationalize endless procrastination. But I guess sometimes ol' Don Draper is right.