Going dark for a bit

Just swinging by to note that it will probably be a while before I swing by again. I've got to take care of what will hopefully be the last of the house crap for a while (of course, the minute I have everything fixed, something else will probably implode), and then I've got family and friends visiting pretty much throughout the month of July.

I was feeling a little blargy about not getting stuff done (blargy is a word I made up for when you feel like, if someone were to ask you how you were doing, you would simply reply, "Blarg"), then I realized that if I look back over the past 12 months, I've overhauled Trust and published Trang, neither of which were minor undertakings. The 12 months before that I did absolutely nothing, because I was swamped with work. So there's some progress there.

In the past I worked on the novel in fits and spurts because I had to fit it in between freelance gigs. When I realized that I don't have to freelance any more, my thinking was that I'd be working on novels like a regular job--40 hours a week cranking out prose and whatnot. But the thing is, when I wrote for a living, I spent very little of that time actually writing--since it was non-fiction, most of the time was spent doing research. So, I guess what I'm realizing is that, hello, I actually write in fits and spurts--it's not just a pattern I was forced into. I don't know how I feel about that, except that I might as well stop beating myself up over it.