OK, the remaining child has left, and I am officially DONE with this three-week marathon of child care. Honest to Pete, I don't know how full-time parents do it. Actually, I suppose I do--part of the problem is that I'm not really set up for child care, and it's not like I can ask a six- and/or three-year-old to kick back and watch Weeds with me. I have some toys for the younger kid, but apparently the most exciting thing I have in my house is my two cats, who are entertaining in the extreme, especially the mellow one who won't bite or scratch even if you grab his tail and pull it as hard as you can. (I yell and scream, but when did I ever matter?)

Anyway, I will be watching the younger one during the school year, but just one day out of the week (Tuesdays), so that will be less disruptive (and she's small enough that I can forcibly carry her out to the car so that we can go someplace "educational" and she can stop torturing the poor cats). Right now, I feel like EVERYTHING has been neglected--the yard needs work, I need to pay bills, and oh yeah, I was working on a book, wasn't I? So it may be a few days (like after Tuesday) before I can get it together enough to resume editing.