Progress report

I edited the first chapter and part of the second chapter. There's a number of changes to be made there because my beta reader who hadn't read Trang was confused or overwhelmed with information at various points. Then I finished and uploaded the large-print edition of Trang, so that's done with, yay!

There was some weirdness, though. I found a tiny, tiny error in the large-print edition--really insignificant, and definitely not worth revising the paper book over. But I figured, let's do the e-books.

So I took the html version, edited it, and tried to switch it to ePub...and when I opened the file in Adobe Digital Editions, there was no text! I tried it again, text! I downloaded the old file from B&N, and I can read the text just fine, so it's not a problem with Digital Editions.

Screw it--like I said, it's a super-duper minor error, and it's not worth the trouble.