Thinking about the future

So, if you haven't figured this out yet, I definitely think the LibraryThing giveaway was well worth doing. There are not only some fab reviews on LibraryThing itself, but more are trickling out onto Amazon and Goodreads, and of course I now have enough reviews to have a reviews page (plus the psychological boost of knowing that some people actually liked the book). In addition, once the early LibraryThing reviews were posted, a number of other people put the book on their "to-read" list, plus several e-mailed me to get the book. And I think I finally got a second Book Rooster review. I assume that the fact that the early reviews were so positive encouraged people who might not necessarily read a book available for free (because who wants to spend their time reading something that sucks?) to pick it up and read it. And, you know, the LibraryThing giveaway didn't cost a cent.

That, plus the content of the reviews--even the people who thought it was just OK want to read the next book--makes me very comfortable with the idea of Trang as a loss leader. It's something that I assumed I would do once I had more books out (like, two more books out--Trust and Trials--not just Trust).

But now there's that new program with Amazon, where you list your book exclusively with them for three months. If you do that, people who pay for Prime membership can borrow your book for free, and you can offer your book to everyone for free for five days.

That's like sticking a toe in the free pool, as opposed to jumping all the way in. So I may give that a try once Trust is out.