Progress report

Today I just carefully read over the feedback I've gotten on Trust--looks good, looks doable, looks worth doing.

If you're saying, "That's IT? Don't you know there are more hours in a day than THAT?" then you just aren't taking nerves into account. I actually had one of those dreams last night where you're taking a class, but you haven't actually been because it's not something you were really interested in doing, and there was an exam on a book, and you don't have the book and never actually did the exam, but the professor has an exam with your name on it, and where did that come from? And you know that to clear things up, you're going to have to explain that you never actually bought or read the book, which was the only on on the syllabus, and probably should have dropped the class long ago.

In other words: This makes me nervous. I just need to ease into it and things will go fine.