Amazon vs. blind and deaf school kids--hmm, could be a PR problem

Apparently there was a protest by the National Federation for the Blind at Amazon headquarters, because its proprietary Mobi format is not as accessible as it could be. They've really got Amazon by the short hairs on this one because the company is trying to promote its e-books in schools. (The ADA? What's that?)

I'm glad to see people putting the screws into the e-book providers, because e-books have such great potential to make so many more books accessible to the visually impaired--no need for special formats or expensive Braille editions. I mean, I understand someone not wanting to cough up the money to create a Braille version of their book, but if it's a matter of making Mobi files compatible with plug-in Braille displays so that blind and deaf kids can learn at school--come on, they can do that. Do they really want to be the bad guy in the latest remake of The Miracle Worker?