This is awesome

This (via Isobel Carr) is a very funny article in Cracked (and, not to display my advanced years, but who the hell ever expected Cracked to be an exciting and original source of humor in the digital age? When I was a kid, it wasn't even the better of the two Mad knockoffs) that is also very true.

He brings up writing:

Being in the business I'm in, I know dozens of aspiring writers. They think of themselves as writers, they introduce themselves as writers at parties, they know that deep inside, they have the heart of a writer. The only thing they're missing is that minor final step, where they actually fucking write things.

But really, does that matter? Is "writing things" all that important when deciding who is and who is not truly a "writer"?

For the love of God, yes.

And he lists all the ways you can ignore criticism (take it as an insult, shoot the messenger, focus on tone to avoid content, pretend improvement is selling out). It pretty much rocks.