Holidays-are-coming-to-an-end angst and planning

Believe it or not, things are actually quieting down some for me and allowing me to think ahead a bit.

Rightly or wrongly, it annoys me that I've gotten so little done book-wise in December, especially because come April I'm going to get effing killed.

April, by the way, is why I'm not releasing the Trang audio chapters as I finish them. I'd rather have them come out regularly (say, a chapter a week) rather than following the erratic chaos of my life, so I probably won't start releasing them until I've 1. got several chapters done, and 2. am back home under circumstances where I can actually work (i.e. not having the roof replaced).

I also feel like I haven't been prioritizing book work as much as I should--that's the problem with chaos, it not only makes it so you can't work, but then you get out of the habit of doing the work, so you're not necessarily taking advantage of the opportunities that you still have. So I think I'm going to set up a little point system for myself--you know, if I write daily, I get points, and if I get enough points at the end of the week, I get a little reward. The problem is that when I sat down and tried to figure out what I really, really have to do that deserves points--well, there's a lot of stuff on that list, which I think is the major issue (I'm going to give writing more points than other things). But I'll try it--and this (via PV) is definitely going on the reward table--I love Demeter!