And this just annoys me

That Time magazine article (PDF) contains this little gem:

“A lot of the people who are debating [self- publishing] are people who didn’t have the success that they dreamed of, who are disgruntled,” says Jamie Raab, the head of Grand Central, a past target of [Joe Konrath's] vitriol.

Wow. Why, yes, it seems that quite a number of people are disgruntled with traditional publishing in general and Grand Central in particular! They seem to feel as though the system is set up to make them fail, so that it becomes impossible for them to make a living as writers. Many of these disgruntled souls have years of experience working with Grand Central.

They must all be kee-RA-zy!

Good thing that writers who haven't worked with Grand Central before are still sane, otherwise where would they be?