OK, the Trust layout is corrected and on its way to the copy editor! Whoo!

Nice to know I'm not going to have to deal with that thing again for at least another two weeks! In the meantime I'm going to relax a little, read Proust (the problem with a harder writer like Proust is that you can't read it at the end of a long day working--it takes too much energy), work on some house stuff...and do book stuff. Since I have a page count now (375 pages), I can finish the cover, plus I really want to noodle with the description some more. I feel the description is kind of a conundrum, because of course Trust is about what happens after the climactic events in Trang, but right now the description is, "In the first book THIS HUGE SPOILER HAPPENED. HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST BOOK YET? OH WELL--SUCKS TO BE YOU" so I want to see if it's possible to finesse that a bit.