And what did I do today?

I sent out offers for advance review copies of Trust to various reviewers. I used this list this time. I believe you have to register to access it, but I have to say, the sites looked much more professional than the ones I found last time--no odd and pathetic requests for love, affection, and [redacted] in the submission guidelines. And he won't list anyone who asks for money! Yay!

I wound up mainly just going for the places that focus on science fiction and fantasy (although with some of them it's more like science fiction and FANTASY). Not only does this mean I spend less time sending out queries, which is good because I am lazy, but I feel like science fiction is a specialized genre, so it's not actually very helpful to market to a general audience.

It took longer than I thought it would. That happens whenever I send out queries--it's amazing how long it takes, especially if you want to take care and not send out a bunch of robo-queries to people who clearly wouldn't be interested. I was kind of beating myself up about it because it meant that I didn't write more on Trials, but then I thought about it and was like, duh, Trust is coming out fairly soon (hopefully), it's totally OK to work on the launch. I don't have to be in angsty artist mode all the time....