Progress report

I'm taking the regular layout and turning into a large-print layout--this is very different from the way I did things last time, which was basically to take the text, format e-books, and then start laying stuff out. The problem with doing things that way is that you catch a lot of mistakes when you're making layouts--reading something printed out in a completely different font seems to refresh the eye--so I had to revise the e-books over and over and over again. (Indeed, I caught a couple of minor things today.)

APH-style large-print layouts aren't justified--you use a ragged right, so you don't break words at the end of the line. You also don't indent paragraphs, instead using two lines of white space. That means that a lot of the hyphens come out, as does all of the kerning and all of the tab characters, which is also what you want if you're going to format something into an e-book.

You do, however, have to throw in extra line spaces between paragraphs and to get those bottom lines to even up. So what I did was I stripped down the text and saved that. If I don't find mistakes in the printout, I'll just use that clean text--if I do, I'll have to clean it again, but it should be less complex.

I stripped out the entire book, and I threw it all into templates. Only one chapter is truly and properly laid out, with everything lined up the way it should be, but they're all in the rough-and-ready stage--correct font, correct paragraph style, correct headers and chapter numbers, etc.

I'm not going to have a hell of a lot of time to work this weekend, but hopefully this won't take too long and I can get it done and off to CreateSpace before I leave town.