You know how sometimes you know that something needs to be fixed, but you figure it doesn't matter, so you don't fix it--and then OOPS you should have fixed it back when you noticed it?

Goodreads has this cover for the paperback edition (and only the paperback edition) of Trang. I'd noticed that before, and thought about doing something about it, and hadn't. Of course I realized this after I set up the giveaway. Ghastly!

I've delayed the giveaway for a couple of days and am trying to get that fixed. If you were hoping for a paperback copy, it actually has this cover--the one without the art on the back and spine. A little more boring than the current cover, but you know, potentially a collector's item!

Plus, I'm signing them. You'll just have to take my word for that, because my handwriting is completely illegible.