Progress report

Some progress and some prioritizing.

I read through half the large-print edition--unfortunately, because it got laid out twice, there are art mistakes, and art mistakes are very time-consuming to fix properly. After taking a look at the calendar and my planned trip, I decided that the thing to do was to prioritize getting the regular edition and the e-books out ASAP, and to fine-tune the large-print layout last of all. I also realized that, because of the way the books are formatted, it would be easier to take the e-book text from the regular edition rather than from the large-print edition.

So, I input the text corrections to the first half of the regular edition, and the text and art corrections to the first half of the large-print edition, but I didn't bother to fix the new problems caused in the large-print layout by inputting the art corrections--again, I'll fix those later. (I'll probably have to print the whole thing out again--ugh.) Since the fixes to the regular edition were just text corrections and didn't screw up the layout, those chapters are good to go!