Progress report (learning curve and fan art edition)

I have input the corrections up to page 198--the book is 375 pages long, so that's a good chunk, and honestly if I do any more today my eyes are going to fall out.

It is going much faster than last time because I made fewer mistakes with the layout. Art mistakes screw everything up, so they take forever to fix. I was careful about widows and didn't use chapter ornaments, so the mistakes are literally small things (like missing words) that don't ruin everything from that point forward. I also carefully checked the things I screwed up a lot on last time, like "Five-Eighths," before sending the layout to the copy editor, but then I managed to spell Gingko's name "Ginko" for about half the book, so it didn't help much. There's only so much you can do with me....

Anyway, let's hear it for progress up the learning curve--on the whole it is taking a lot less time to lay out Trust than it did Trang, in no small part because I'm doing it just one time, not two-and-a-half.

What else? I ordered the con flyers. As I suspected, four-color flyers are pricey, but I want them to look professional, so.... Eventually I should try to figure out something that looks nice but is cheap to produce.

11th Hour was really good at that sort of thing. She could come up with stuff that was striking and very detailed:

But if it was a situation where people would just be running stuff off on a copy machine, 11th Hour would do something like:

That's actually six separate little posters there. (All this is from her fan art Web site, which I'm glad to see is still being kept up.)

So I need to study those suckers and try to figure out a way to do something similar for Trang and Trust....