Trust is uploaded! Mostly!

I formatted the Trust e-books and uploaded them to Barnes & Noble and Amazon...but not Smashwords. For some reason, Smashwords won't take my Word file. At first I thought it was because I tried making my own clickable table of contents (if everything is labeled "Chapter 1," "Chapter 2," etc, Smashwords will automatically generate one, but I have one labeled "Epilogue"). So I trashed that (changing "Epilogue" to "Chapter 28: Epilogue"), but it still wouldn't take it. It's giving me no information whatsoever for why the conversion won't work, and I've done things like clip and paste into a new Word file (which usually helps on the many, many occasions that a Word file goes wonkus) to no avail. So I'm wondering if that's a problem on their end--maybe waiting a couple of days will help there.

And the Amazon file looks a little weird because Amazon took the "Normal" text (which isn't indented in Word) and indented it more than the indented text. It's fine as far as readability is concerned, but I've got a tweaked file ready to go. Also I forgot to include the word count (113,000, if you care) and the language advisory (whoops! Well, hopefully people will see that on the first book) in the descriptions, so I'll have to tweak that, too.

FYI I am indeed running that Early Bird Special--Trust will be $2.99 until July 1, when I will raise the price to $4.99. I also am doing a giveaway of Trang on Smashwords until July 1, despite the fact that they won't let me upload Trust--the coupon code is MC96E, and the book is all by itself over here.