Progress report

That shrieking noise you heard was me realizing that I started Chapter 27 on the wrong page. It's OK. That meant two chapters to layout AGAIN, but 1. it was just two chapters, 2. one of them was the short epilogue, and 3. neither took very long. I also fixed that chapter (the infamous Chapter 13, of course) that needed to be expanded by a page. And I realized that I had italicized the page numbers on one side of the spread but not the other; they are now roman on both sides for improved readability.

I input the text fixes into the e-books and uploaded them. I also input them into the regular paper version--in some cases I decided that single paragraphs would read better if broke them into two, which affected that layout. So now I've printed out all the chapters that had significant alterations, and tomorrow I will read over them, make any corrections, then compile the chapters into books again and upload them onto CreateSpace.