It doesn't mean much now...

OK, I am doing the truly mindless task of re-addressing the links in old blog posts. I got all the ones that point to the old LiveJournal blog out, which was a real pain because I had to look those posts up to get the address. Now it's just yanking the Web host's name out of the addresses, which goes much faster (although I am beginning to wish that I was both a less-prolific blogger and less industrious about linking to every last old post).

Like a lot of things--like getting the book into less-populated categories, or doing a large-print edition, or even doing social media--there's no immediate reason for me to be doing this. I'm happy with my Web host; I haven't had any problems with it.

But is that always going to be true? I was happy with LiveJournal, until I wasn't. I think it's important to position yourself so that you won't be locked into a situation in the future that you might not like. It's kind of an omnivorous approach to publishing--try different things, because you don't know what might pay off, and you don't want to become so narrowly focused on one approach that you can't adjust to change.