Trust got reviewed!

Trust got a really nice review in Futures Past and Present--yay! It's oddly nerve-wracking to speculate that someone who liked the first book might not like the second.

Argh, but look how much better he describes Trust than I do. He says:

When the book opens, the Cyclopes still on the station are starving.  No one on their home planet has sent any food.  That's because no one is running the government.  They're all too afraid of offending the Magic Man after he killed most of the previous government, so no one wants to step up and take responsibility for anything.  When Trang tries to find a solution to the problem, the Magic Man appoints him as interim head of the government.  Which is a rather awkward position for a diplomat from Earth to find himself in.

Oh, did I mention that advancement in the Cyclopes government is by assassination?

That's so much better than what I have. I was just thinking that I need to revamp the description because it's kind of dull. Part of me was thinking, Oh, just tell them what it's about, you only have to sell people on the first book anyway. Which is really a dumb approach, right? There's aliens and cussing and aliens trying to understand cussing and a spaceship crash and excitement! I should at least try to make it sound entertaining.

We'll see when I get around to that--the houseguest is here, so the next couple of weeks are going to be busy-busy.