Last day, sticky or not!

Or shall I say, LAST DAY!!! OMFG!!! Yeah, last day to get Trang for free on Smashwords, except that I signed it up for Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale, so starting tomorrow you can get it there free, too. And I'm going to be giving away flyers with a free Smashwords coupon on it at Westercon next weekend (different code, so hopefully I can track the two promotional efforts separately). And I had an idea when I was on vacation--I want to see if it's possible to run test giveaways on sites I'm thinking of advertising on. And eventually it will be free all the time. So, you know, don't get all in a lather about it.

But Trust is going up to $4.99 tomorrow, and I'm presumably going to hold the line on that one.

All these promos on Smashwords really make me wish it was better-designed as a retail site. It's great that you can do coupons on it, but the sales aren't "sticky"--there's nothing to bring the book to the attention of people who haven't already grabbed a freebie. That's what sounds appealing about Kobo, and that's why even with the new, less-freebie-friendly Amazon algorithm I think it's worth trying out KDP Select. (Oh, and Edward Robinson has started bringing his intense algorithmic focus to bear on the iTunes store, which is worth a read. He follows this stuff obsessively so that I don't have to, right?)

You know, what I really need to do is to stop thinking about this stuff and start up on Trials again. (And how many times am I going to write that Trails? Will the cover title say Trails?)