Progress report

Plans to write today were scuttled after I got a call that the GeekGirlCon flyers were ready--they weren't supposed to be ready until Friday, so that was nice, and I managed to get to the post office to mail them just before it closed.

I'm definitely going to tweak the black-and-white design some more for future use, though. I printed the test copy on white paper, since that's what I have, but when you put it on colored paper, the spiral in the background is much darker. So I need to lighten that up considerably--it worked OK because I used pastel yellow paper, but it would have worked better lighter and it wouldn't have worked on any other color.

Also, note to self: If I'm going to put two flyers on a single piece of paper, I need a nice, wide margin between them, plus more consistent margins around the edges. Again, it didn't look horrible, but it could have looked better.

I cut it myself because 1. I bought the paper cutter! and 2. with that many sheets, it would have been over $40 to have them cut it. However, after 90 minutes of chopping paper, I do wonder if that was the right choice....