It's a marathon, not a sprint

Summer's not an easy time to write, is it? It's the lack of regular schedules for people. Anyway, come August 11th I get SLAMMED--young people, old people, all requiring full-time care--until the end of September. The perils of having a family, I guess.

I was really stressing myself out about wanting to get, oh, I dunno, 100,000 words done on the novel before August 11th. And then I was like, Jesus Christ, relax. The stress isn't helpful (I was even freaking over the positive reviews of Trust, because what if Trials isn't as good? ACK!), that's a totally unrealistic goal, and this isn't like a push to finish a layout that's over in a matter of days. I'm going to be working on this thing for months, I'd better figure out a sustainable work schedule for myself. It's like exercise--the best exercise routine is the one you actually do, so if you unleash the insane inner perfectionist, set a bunch of crazy goals for yourself, and make yourself miserable, you'll burn out.

Anyway, the new computer is here, but I'm still waiting on one component. Soon I'll have to figure out the transition from one to the other, since not everything is going to be compatible.