Oh, hello, wall

The writing has been going so well! It's been getting easier and more fun every day, I have a great sense of where things are going, everything's just humming along.

So of course I get kind of lost in it and forget that I'm going to have to stop. Like, today.

I can bargain, try to keep the momentum going, get in dribs and drabs while I can. Sunday and Monday I may be able to write some. Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday and Saturday are completely out of the question, however. Maybe I can get a little in Sunday, but Monday the kids become my full-time responsibility until school starts.

We can pretend I'll write on the weekends, but let's face it--I'm going to be spending the time lying very quietly in a dark room. I love those kids, but God they're noisy.

After the kids go back to school, I get to spend the greater part of September babysitting an aged relative who wishes to cross things off a bucket list. I may have fun, or I may spend a great deal of time in the waiting rooms of various hospitals--we shall see. I'm trying to suspend all expectations.

In any case, I'm grateful for the progress I've made, which has been substantial. Not only have I written quite a bit, but I've largely gotten over that initial "How do I start this thing!?!" hump and am into the A plot, which is a good place to be. Not that I won't be utterly freaked out when I start writing again in late September/early October.