Dribs 'n' drabs

The Passive Voice has a profile of the head of HarperCollins. There's a lot of self-serving nonsense but also some interesting nuggets: According to the article, more than half of HarperCollins' revenues on fiction books sold in the United States come from e-books, almost half of revenues from its Avon romance imprint are from e-books, and the company expects that more than half of all its fiction revenues will come from e-books within 18 months.

Note that these are revenues--i.e. the actual dollar/pound value of books sold--not the number of books sold. Since e-books usually sell for less than paper, that means people are buying more books--a lot more. Quoth the article: "While sales of HarperCollins's paper books are flat year on year at about £120m, according to Nielsen Bookscan, digital titles are up 250% and now account for 20% of UK income."

And this is a useful post from Crabby McSlacker on managing your time when you're working for yourself--the flip side of flexibility is lack of structure, which can be a challenge. Plus, she has pretty pictures from her vacation in Scotland!