A weak-ass report from Foolscap (but I have artists!)

Yeah, with one thing and another I basically had to shine Foolscap on. I had too much stuff to catch up on, and at least one thing I wanted to do was scheduled late at night, which just wasn't going to happen with this jet lag.

Anyway, I did drop off flyers and cruise through the art show as part of my ongoing quest to find fantasy and sci-fi artists people can potentially use for book covers. There was some overlap with the Westercon artists, so I'm only listing the people who weren't at that show and who have Web sites where you can see their work and contact them. (And seriously, artists, you really need to have Web sites. Especially if you have a common name that makes you impossible to find on Google. I'd love to help you, but there is only so much I can do.)

Lela Dowling and Frank Cirocco

Chris Sumption

Laura Cameron

Raven Mimura