Progress report

I was watching a kidlet for a couple of days, but today I was able to edit Chapter 4 of the Trang audiobook. I only had to re-record a few things, so I did that, put them in, and compressed it. That just leaves the noise reduction to be done.

As I mentioned, there are a lot of character voices in this chapter. I was poking around looking for advice on those--don't bother. Person A explains that they HATE character voices, Person B explains that they LOVE character voices, and Masturbating Romance Reader explains that women shouldn't do audiobooks at all, because female voices just don't "work" for her. (My feeling is that I have so many characters and so much dialog that I really have to use character voices, otherwise it's too confusing. And I do NOT want to know whether or not my voice "works" for you, thank you very much.)