Progress report

Trang is off KDP Select, and I've republished it on Smashwords, as well as putting it and Trust into expanded distribution there. (I didn't get to putting it on Kobo today; I'll probably get that done tomorrow.) I've also priced it at 99 cents--as I mentioned it was doing pretty well at that price point on Amazon (although the bump does appear to falling off rather quickly), and the fact that 99 cents actually worked, even for just a little bit, made me curious to see if I can make 99 cents work in some kind of long-term way. I feel at this point that I have a decent idea of how to make free work, so I can always go in that direction (and probably will), but once you go free via price-matching it's hard to switch back to paid, and I want to have the opportunity for a good, solid fiddling with the 99-cent price point before I lose the chance.

Not that I'm going to do much fiddling right now: I realized something yesterday when I sat down and really tried to write, and totally couldn't--I'm just too distracted. Getting a bunch of new readers is, of course, extremely motivating, but I have this life crap that simply has to be taken care of (and will be taken care of by the end of the month), and it's making the kind of solid focus I need to write impossible to find.