March sales

I'm not going to be able to do anything book-wise for pretty much the rest of the month, and I won't even have reliable Internet access much of the time, so I figured I'd get a note in now about March sales.

If you recall, after my last giveaway on Feb. 26, I got a big two-day bump, so in the final two days of February, I sold almost 200 copies of Trang. Then things slowed down, and at this point I might sell 150-200 copies in March. Which is certainly less than the 100/day rate, but FAR better than I was doing before.

The question in my mind is, will sales level out or continue to dwindle? I'm off all the bestseller lists at this point, so visibility is reduced. On the other hand, whenever I'm convinced that things have totally run out of steam with the 99-cent price point, I get a burst of sales.

Of course, since Trang is 99 cents and Trust is $4.99, at this point I make 10 times the money on the sale of a single copy of Trust than I do on a single copy of Trang. Trust sales are chugging along nicely at the moment, but if they start to dwindle, then it will be time to reopen the mouth of that funnel.

So it turns out that I'm actually at a good place to just ignore everything for a couple of weeks, because it will force me to wait until I have more sales data before I decide whether to keep Trang at 99 cents or go ahead and make it free.

(And Jim, I saw your review--thank you very much. But feel absolutely free to yank it if Amazon gives you any static whatsoever.)