I'm still here

Yeah, I'm still alive. I had to travel to take care of some family stuff, and I figured I'd get writing once I was back. Now I've got six banker boxes of financial records that I need to go through thanks to that trip, but the thing that's really been killing my time is that I finally decided to see an allergist.

I'd always had allergies, and moving out to farm country made the hay fever bad enough to send me to the doctor, but it's definitely one of those things where I didn't realize exactly how bad it was until I started trying to address the problem--I'm much more allergic than I thought. Some of it has been good (I put a dust-mite cover on my mattress and slept 12 hours a night for something like four days straight), but getting shots has been difficult both because I don't function very well on antihistamines and because it turns out that I don't react very well to the shots. The last reaction was bad enough that I'm going to have to start the shot series over again, this time with MORE antihistamines on board.

I'm hoping to get up to the maintenance dose as quickly as possible (I don't want to have to worry about missing shots because I'm snowed in), but we'll have to see how things go once the new antihistamines come in. I was trying to do two shots a week, but each shot was wiping me out for two days apiece, which is unacceptable. Hopefully on the new regime I can keep to that schedule and still write, but we shall see....