It's official!

I'm procrastinating! Yes, I realized this yesterday as I was driving through a MASSIVE downpour to go to a restaurant halfway across the county in order to . . . eat lunch.

It wasn't like I was meeting anyone for that lunch or anything. I just HAD to turn a simple daily task into a multi-hour excursion. Then I swung by the market to buy a bunch of food I did not need, which I ate very late, so then I couldn't sleep.

Today I am a useless zombie, apparently per my subconscious' cunning plan. I assume a drinking binge is next on the agenda. Or, you know, I could just get my shit together, stop freaking out, and get back to the novel.

I honestly don't know what the big deal is--in the next scene, [SPOILER] nearly separates [SPOILER]'s [SPOILER] from his [SPOILER]! It's going to be awesome! And so much fun to write!