Progress report

I haven't been super good about keeping this updated, but I've proofed nine chapters of the layout, plus the front matter. Today, while proofing, it occurred to me that maybe I should input some of those corrections, and yeah--I've forgotten how time-consuming and fiddly correcting layouts can be.

I did the front matter, which took forever, because front matter is more art-heavy, and then I did the first chapter, which took forever, because I waited until now to sort out exactly where I want my headers. (This is something I do not recommend, because now I'll have to fix each header individually by hand--it would have been much smarter to finalize this part of the layout the very first time I laid out a chapter, because then I would have had a template.) I started the second chapter and hit the wall--I didn't get quite enough sleep last night, so I suppose it's good I got as much done today as I did.

I have to do some stuff in the yard before the autumn rains come, but I think I should be able to get into a regular schedule with this layout--this is more rote work, so it's a little more predictable than, say, writing. Like, maybe tomorrow I'll finish inputting the corrections up to chapter nine before I go outside and dig, and then it will be proof a few chapters, input those changes every day until it's done.

Go team!