Progress report

These past two days have been like, Yes, It Is Allergy Season. Yesterday I was really groggy and exhausted, so I only did one chapter. And then when I went to bed, I took an antihistamine. I had also washed the sheets and blankets that day, and that night, it rained.

I woke up 13 hours later! Today was productive in the extreme, and now I am done with the large-print edition through Chapter 20! I could probably keep going, but my neck is objecting, so....

Tomorrow I won't be able to do much, but hopefully I can finish it off this weekend!

You know, one thing that I'm wondering about with this edition is if I should even bother with proofing an actual print-out. I'm sure there would be errors, but a large-print edition uses so much paper that I'm wondering if it wouldn't be more economical to just order a proof from CreateSpace (since I'm never OK with the first proof anyway) and go through it very carefully.