Progress report

I've been away, but I'm back and wrote 1,180 words! Whoot! And some exciting words they were!

You know, I've mentioned that I'm a tough sell with romance books, but I've been really enjoying the ones by Amy Raby (be aware that they are fairly erotic). I think it's because she does a really good job of fitting the romances into some pretty complex fantasy/adventure plots. Often when I've tried adventure romances, it feels like there's this We Must Save the Universe! story going on, and then it gets interrupted by, Will Our Heroine be Able To Find Love? which winds up making the romance feel extremely trivial. (You're never going to find romance if you're all blown to kingdom come!) But with these stories the geopolitics going on actually affect the main characters in personal ways, so resolving the one helps resolve the other and makes it all very gratifying. I like 'em!