Another version of that cover

Since I'm stuck waiting for Acrobat to arrive (I am patient, I am calm. I am patient, I am calm. I am GOD DAMN IT!! WHERE IS THAT THING!!! AND WHY HASN'T BARNES & NOBLE PUT TRANG UP YET!?! IT'S BEEN THREE DAYS!!!! patient, I am calm), I figured I'd start trying to figure out how to make the cover suitable for a paperback book. The proportions are quite different, so now it doesn't look quite so much like a textbook, and because the cover is narrower, I had to do two lines for the slightly misleading series teaser. I also had to scoot everything away from the edges, because you just don't know what's going to happen there--it's chaos on those edges, people!

I'm trying to update the cover on Amazon without republishing, so we'll see how that works.

ETA: Apparently not well at all! I put in a plug for while I was at it.